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SheSays is an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative industry. Why? Because we want to see more women at the top. So browse around, sign-up for a chapter in your city and join any of our free events.

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: Online event: Wisdom, Health & Calm in Turbulent Times

In these crazy times, we're excited to tell you that we're bringing our FREE events online. The first ever SheSays Global Online Event will feature the fabulous speaker, Dr. Terrie Hope, Co-Lead of our Toronto chapter who will talk to ...

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March 27th, 2020

: (POSTPONED - COVID) Redesigning our world

Join SheSays LA and XPRIZE as we shine a light on the biggest invisible problem in our world, the Gender Gap in data. Everything in our world is designed using data, but important data from women and girls is incomplete or ...

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February 29th, 2020

SheSays US Twitter

Starting our first virtual global event. @lelariu “ has not been cancelled...women helping women has not been cancelled.”

: SheSays virtual meetings rooms on REMO

Super great news: soon you'll be able to chat to any SheSays members from around the world on REMO. Yes virtual networking - no keynotes or panels, just chat areas divided by groups from the same city.  And you can ...

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April 3rd, 2020

: Here's what you missed at the last #SheSays event: How to reinvent and find your purpose

Finding one’s “ikigai” – a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being" – and creating a life with meaning seems to be more of an imperative than ever before. And while industries are being disrupted, new professions invented and ...

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March 16th, 2020

SheSays UK Twitter

Event alert🚨 We're excited to invite you to the first ever SheSays Global Online Event on Thurs April 2, at 2pm. 
Join us and Dr. Terrie Hope, Co-Founder of our Toronto chapter to hear about Wisdom, Health & Calm in Turbulent Times. 
👉 Register here:

Universal Everything's book

If you love design then you know Universal Everything. Their book, launched in July 2019 is as stunning as the work from this art collective. The limited edition book showcases 24 of the studio’s most exciting projects to the printed ...

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February 21st, 2020


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