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The only global creative network for women

SheSays is an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative industry. Why? Because we want to see more women at the top. So browse around, sign-up for a chapter in your city and join any of our free events.

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SheSays is an award-winning global organization focused on the engagement, education and advancement of women in the creative industries.

Founded in 2007, we have presence in 50 cities around the world with an estimated 45,000 members.


  • Monthly events in cities around the world where members suggest the topics they want to hear about.
  • A free mentorship scheme called 'who's your momma?' in selected cities.
  • Key global events throughout the year (awards, screenings, meetups and conferences).

We believe in stopping gender leadership imbalance by focusing on exposing our collective voices, not just the one of a happy few. And we do this by being a non-hierarchical action-based organization where:

  • Members have a say and our events and mentorship are free
  • We answer to nobody except our members. So yes, we are not for profit which gives us immense freedom to best serve our collective.
  • There are no barriers for entry and everyone can learn and participate in changing  the ratio of women leaders in the creative industries.
  • We don't just discuss women's issues, we discuss topics that will improve our careers. And we do this almost everyday around the globe.

Even though we are called SheSays, we’re all about doing things and we have pioneered a bunch of actions in the women’s space including:

  1. The 1st - and largest - global network for creative women
  2. The 1st representation of women creatives in the White House (US) and No.10 (UK)
  3. The 1st women entrepreneurs meet creatives conference
  4. The 1st wearable award
  5. The 1st women only hackathon
  6. The 1st to do speed mentoring events
  7. The 1st to create a list of women in the creative industry
  8. The 1st Women Directors Festival in Cannes

More about SheSays:

  • We’re 12 years old
  • We generated over 500 events with over 1000 speakers
  • We have a presence in 16 countries, over 50 cities
  • We have grown to over 45,000 members just by word of mouth
  • We carry out 7-10 events every month around the world
  • We have mentored approx 400 women in 5 main cities
  • New Media Age has given us this award “Greatest Individual Contribution to New Media”


If you have ideas for events or anything else email us. If you’re interested in our mentorship scheme find and email your local chapter to get in touch with some of the industry’s best. Please tell us the city where you live/work and use the following subject lines – Who’s Yr Momma/creative, Who’s Yr Momma/planning and so forth. We are booked on a first come first serve basis.

If you like snail mail then our address is: 111 Saint Felix Street – Brooklyn, NY – USA +1 646 549 5265



    • Alessandra Lariu – Experience Consultant @alelariu
    • Laura Jordan Bambach – Creative Partner at Mr President @laurajaybee

    • LONDON @shesaysuk - email us
    • SCOTLAND @SheSaysScotland - email us
      • Olivia Robertson – Brand Manager, SheSays power organizer @livoriginally
      • Jennie Pike – Account Director, SheSays power organizer @jennie_pike
    • BRIGHTON @SheSaysBrighton - email us
      • Rifa Thorpe-Tracey – Senior Producer, SheSays power organizer @rifa
    • BOURNEMOUTH  @SheSaysBomo - email us
      • Claire Crombie – Account/Project Manager at Rarely Impossible, SheSays power organizer @claire_crombie
    • MANCHESTER @SheSaysMCR - email us
      • Vimla Appadoo – Digital Account Manager, SheSays co-organizer @Vimla16
      • Mahnaz Yusaf – Digital Strategist, SheSays co-organizer @randomohso
      • Emma Scamell – Marketing Manager, SheSays co-organizer @emmascamell
      • Aimee Tasker – Producer, SheSays co-organizer @aimeeeedia
      • Emily Hinks – Idea Agent, SheSays co-organizer @emilyhinks
      • Jo Green – Associate Director, SheSays power organizer @JoGreen
    • MILAN email us
      • Valentina Amenta – SheSays power organizer
      • Monica Carallo – SheSays power organizer
      • Veronica Ciceri – SheSays power organizer
      • Serena Di Bruno – SheSays power organizer
      • Lucia Ferrazzano – SheSays power organizer
      • Lavinia Francia – SheSays power organizer
      • Hana Kovacevic – SheSays power organizer
      • Fabiola Miccone – SheSays power organizer
      • Chiara Monticelli – SheSays power organizer
      • Samantha Scaloni – SheSays power organize
    • TIROL email us
      • Mariló Fernandez – SheSays power organizer
      • Elena Torres – SheSays power organizer
    • COPENHAGEN email us
      • Maddie Gnewski – SheSays power organizer
    • STOCKHOLM @shesays_sthlm - email us
      • Egle Obcarskaite – SheSays chapter director
      • Elin Kvarnström – SheSays event manager
      • Emmelie Nilsson – SheSays communications manager
      • Cosima Churchill – SheSays promotions manager
      • Frida Wadsby –  SheSays advisor
    • GOTHENBURG - email us
      • Vanessa Jonasson – Art Director, SheSays co-organizer
      • Matilda Melin – Communicator, SheSays co-organizer
      • Laura Hunter – Creative Copywriter, SheSays co-organizer
      • Elena Sulin – Project Manager, SheSays power organizer
    • NORWAY - email us
      • Nadine Ramsberg – UX Designer, SheSays chapter lead
      • Lena Mangersnes Hoff – Digital Analyst, SheSays event director
      • Dea Maioli Egeli – Content Marketer, SheSays social media guru
      • Marie Thorsen - Marketing Student, SheSays social media guru & photographer
      • Frida Preacher - Art Director, SheSays art director
      • Isabel M. Bjellebø – SheSays promotion organizer
    • BERLIN @SheSaysBerlin - email us
      • Alice Bottaro – Creative Director at antoni, SheSays power organizer
      • Amelie Harich – Account Director at antoni, SheSays power organizer
      • Jenny Karakaya – Creative Content Producer, SheSays power organizer
    • MUNICH - email us
      • Marta Epelde – Founder of EIGHTYDOTS, SheSays chapter lead
      • Christiane Haas – Digital Expert at EIGHTYDOTS, SheSays chapter lead
    • AMSTERDAM AMS Facebook group - email us
      • Kerrie Finch – Founder & CEO at FinchFactor, SheSays power organizer

    • NEW YORK @shesaysus - email us
      • Amanda Jaskiewicz – Consultant, SheSays global support and NY chapter director/board member @ajaskiewicz
      • Amora Miller – Operations Coordinator at Flatiron School x WeWork, SheSays BOOM content manager
      • Annabel Ruddle – Experience Designer at Reflexions, SheSays power organizer @annabelbydesign
      • Bonnie O'Hara – Managing Director at Iris, SheSays NY board member
      • Elizabeth Kiehner – Global Director, Design Principal at IBM, SheSays NY board member @kiehner
      • Ericka Riggs – Director of Marketing & Inclusion at The Advertising Club, SheSays NY board member
      • Eve Bates – Independent Recruiter, SheSays NY board member
      • Gina Soloperto – Founder at Glue NY, SheSays NY board member
      • Hana Sloukova – Digital & Marketing Strategist, SheSays membership manager
      • Julia Sosa – Experience Lead at BCG Digital Ventures, SheSays NY board member @annabelruddle
      • Kimberly Penharlow – CEO & Leadership Coach at Kimberly Penharlow Consulting, SheSays NY board member
      • Kim Weiner – Animator & Illustrator, SheSays designer kim_makes
      • Mikaela Rice – Freelance Senior Creative, SheSays global social creative
      • Saedi Hitner – Senior Copywriter at Tribal Worldwide, SheSays newsletter editor
    • LAS VEGAS - email us
      • Rebecca Orlov – Founder at Orlov Design Co, SheSays co-chair @orlovdesignco
      • Amalie Zinsser – Community Director at WeWork, SheSays co-chair @amaliezinsser
    • LOS ANGELES - email us
      • Elyssa Seidman – Senior Strategist at Motive, SheSays chapter co-chair
      • Anya Shakhmeyster – Marketing Strategist at XPRIZE, SheSays co-chair
      • Morgan Thomas – Communications Director at futurefactor, SheSays event lead
      • Kim Beylin – Creative Director & Principal at Studio Beylin, SheSays chapter advisor @verticaltaste
      • Kayla Green – SVP Integrated Strategy at Hearts & Science/BBDO, SheSays chapter advisor @kaylam
    • SAN FRANCISCO - email us
      • Patrice Speed – SheSays events manager
    • SEATTLE @SheSaysSEA
      • Jaclyn Ciamillo – Organizational Designer, SheSays power organizer @jaclynciamillo
    • BOULDER @SheSaysBLDR - email us
      • Mandy Godown – SheSays power organizer
      • Kecia Benvenuto – SheSays power organizer
    • DENVER @SheSaysDenver - email us
      • Erin Zimmerman – SheSays chapter co-chair
      • Amanda Gaube – SheSays chapter co-chair
    • DALLAS - email us
      • Karen Vogel Scamardo – SheSays power organizer
      • Allison McFadden – SheSays power organizer @allisonmcfadden
    • AUSTIN @SheSaysATX - email us
      • Nicole DeAngelis – SheSays chapter lead
    • MINNEAPOLIS - email us
      • Jen Stocksmith – Creative Director at Periscope, SheSays chapter lead @jenniapolis
      • Emma Williamson – Freelance Senior Producer, SheSays lead partner
      • Jen Neis – Associate Creative Director at Periscope, SheSays design lead
    • DETROIT @shesaysdetroit - email us
      • Ranae Heuer – Managing Director at HUGE Detroit, SheSays chapter director
      • Kristen Goodhue – Program Management at HUGE Detroit, SheSays mistress of ceremonies
    • BOSTON @SheSaysBOS - email us
      • Karen Goodman – Creative Director, SheSays chapter director
    • CHICAGO @SheSaysChicago - email us
      • Jennifer Lemerand – Creative Director, Co-Director of Chicago Chapter @UpsideDwnGlsses
      • Beckie O’Connor – Partner and Creative Director at Convier Collective, Co-Director of Chicago Chapter @roc_onn
      • Brittany Campbell - Art Director at United Airlines, Who's Your Momma Mentor Committee @infinity_scarf
      • Kimberly Campbell - Marketing / PR Consultant, SheSays Communications Co-lead @IGoByKC
      • Justine Figueroa - Freelance Writer, SheSays Communications Co-lead @sassnlipstick
      • Julie Goldsberry - Graphic Designer at Bravo Restaurants, SheSays WordPress aficionado @julieofthewolfs
      • Anne Hagerty - Freelance ACD and Copywriter, SheSays wordsmith
      • Anna Olsztynska - Marketing Coordinator at British International School of Chicago, SheSays social media master @AnnaOlsztynska
      • Lidia Racoma - Editorial Director at Biz Mama, SheSays wordsmith @lsvdesign
      • Jackie White - Director of Event Operations at Ascend Training, Who's Your Momma Mentor Committee @AscendTraining
    • MIAMI @shesaysmiami - email us
      • Kiran Carpenter – Creative Program Manager at SapientNitro, SheSays mistress of ceremonies
      • Maria Chercoles – Digital Strategy at SapientNitro, SheSays mistress of ceremonies
    • DC @SheSaysDC - DC Facebook group - email us
      • Tari Cash – SheSays power organizer @T_Cash1
      • Allison Mataya – SheSays power organizer
      • Katie Krum – SheSays power organizer @KatieKrum
    • ATLANTA @SheSaysATL - email us
      • Lisa Balser – Group Creative Director, Certified Diversity Exec, SheSays chapter director @awordfromlisa
      • Courtney Jones – Manager, Business Development at 22squared, SheSays partnerships/mentorship @court_lyndelle
      • Kelley Graham – Sr Manager, Content Strategy at Stanley Black & Decker, SheSays power organizer @graham_kelley
      • Hailey Curtis – Jr Production Designer at Carter's, SheSays designer @hailzzz
      • Ellis Baxter – Digital & Social Media Coordinator at MELT Atlanta, SheSays digital & social media guru @ellisbaxter
      • Kim Williams – Marketing & Biz Dev Strategist, SheSays project manager @MarketingLifeKW
      • Julie Bancroft – Chief Ambassador Kake, SheSays mistress of ceremonies @juliebancroft
      • Kerry Mullen – Founder Kake, SheSays mistress of ceremonies @kerrymullberry
      • Karen Roland – Founder Kake, SheSays mistress of ceremonies @kareneroland
      • Nichol Martin – Creative Manager, SheSays power organizer
      • Serena Fedor – Director Interactive Accounts, SheSays power organizer
      • Shauna Powers – Designer, SheSays power organizer

    • HALIFAX - email us
      • Sophie Hebert – Copywriter at Arrivals + Departures, SheSays chapter lead
      • Kelsey Carey – Digital Content & Advancement Coordinator at Sacred Heart School of Halifax, SheSays social lead
    • TORONTO - email us
      • Rhonda Page – Differentiation + Business Development Strategist, SheSays chapter lead
      • Terri Hope – Business Insights Strategist, SheSays power organizer
    • VANCOUVER - email us
      • Kim Ridgewell – Senior Designer at 123w, SheSays power organizer @kimridgewell
      • Robyn Smith – Brand Director at Cossette Vancouver, SheSays power organizer @robynmichelles
      • Jennifer Reynolds – Senior Account Manager, Digital Strategist at Edelman, SheSays power organizer @jenreyn
      • Nicole Tai - Digital Producer at Domain7, SheSays events manager @nicolb

    • SYDNEY @SheSaysSydney - email us
      • Jules Ward – Head of SEO at Ikon Communications, SheSays chapter lead @JulesWard83
    • MELBOURNE - email us
      • Kate Prowse – Senior Account Director at Taboo Group, SheSays director
      • Steph Grapsas – Social Director at Alt/Shift, SheSays power organizer

    • SINGAPORE @shesaysSG - email us
      • Lizi Hamer – Creative Director, SheSays chapter lead @LiziHamer
      • Meera Jane Navaratnam – Digital and Innovation at Accenture, SheSays power organiser & Head of Who's Yr Momma @meerajane
      • Vicky Chen – Product Development at Xaxis, SheSays editor
    • MANILA - email us
    • KUALA LUMPUR - email us
      • Mabel Tan –  SheSays power organizer @mabeltan
      • Michelle Chan –  SheSays power organizer @chanweiyan

    • MONTEVIDEO - email us
      • Michelle Capdevielle– SheSays power organizer
    • BUENOS AIRES - email us
      • Paula Mandraccio– SheSays power organizer
    • SAO PAOLO - email us
      • Nathalia Andrijic – Senior Strategist & Service Designer at HandMade, SheSays chapter lead
      • Karen Formagio  – Partner and Head of Strategy at Media Education, SheSays chapter lead

    • CAPE TOWN @shesayscapetown - email us
      • Marina Tokar– Brand Strategist, SheSays co-organizer
      • Johannie van As – Senior Copywriter, SheSays co-organizer
      • Anelde Greeff – Head of Content, SheSays co-organizer
    • JOHANNESBURG @SheSaysJhb - email us
      • Kirigo Kamore – Junior Digital Strategist at McCann1886, SheSays co-organizer
      • Kgomotso Taje – Content Manager at McCann1886, SheSays co-organizer

    • DUBAI - email us
      • Dina Faour – Professor of Advertising at American University of Dubai, SheSays Who's Yr Momma program lead
    • ABU DHABI - email us
      • Louise Roberts – General Manager at MullenLowe Abu Dhabi, SheSays chapter director

    And thanks to the lovely Yue Tuo who designed our site.


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