The most authentic voice in the gender equality movement.

Our members say we are the most authentic of all women’s and non-binary people’s organizations. Why? Because since 2007 we made a commitment to be a real voice for you. No figure heads, no sponsors with personal agendas, no barriers for entry.

Our members suggest event topics, co-create activism and have a say on what we do next. For 15 years we have grown to an estimated 70,000 members in over 55 cities giving a voice to 1593 speakers worldwide.


And our impact keeps growing :

Founded in 2007, we ran over 531 events

We have presence in 55 cities around the world

With an estimated 70,000 members and upskilled approximately 37,170 people

We believe if we use our collective voices permanent change in gender leadership is within our reach.

What we do:

  • We run monthly events in cities around the world.
  • We facilitate a free mentorship scheme called ‘who’s your momma?’ in selected cities.
  • We drive key global events throughout the year (awards, screenings, meetups and conferences).
  • We co-create activism for gender parity with our members.

Who’s behind it

Women (binary and non-binary) from all walk of life across 55 cities. Our chapter leads are our most treasured asset. Check them out here.

Our founders:

Alessandra Lariu

Brand Experience Consultant

Laura Jordan Bambach

Chief Creative Officer at Grey London

We believe in stopping gender leadership imbalance by focusing on exposing our collective voices, not just the one of a happy few. And we do this by being a non-hierarchical action-based organization where:

  • Members have a say and our events and mentorship are free.
  • We answer to nobody except our members. So yes, we are not for profit which gives us immense freedom to best serve our collective.
  • There are no barriers for entry and everyone can learn and participate in changing the ratio of women and non-bonary people leaders in the creative industries.
  • We don’t just discuss women’s and non-binary people’s issues, we discuss topics that will improve our careers. And we do this almost everyday around the globe.

Even though we are called SheSays, we’re all about doing things and we have pioneered a bunch of actions in the women’s space including:

  1. The 1st – and largest – global network for creative women and non-binary people
  2. The 1st representation of women creatives in the White House (US) and No.10 (UK)
  3. The 1st women entrepreneurs meet creatives conference
  4. The 1st wearable award
  5. The 1st women only hackathon
  6. The 1st to do speed mentoring events
  7. The 1st to create a list of women in the creative industry
  8. The 1st Women Directors Festival in Cannes

Get in touch

If you have ideas for events or anything else email us. We’re all ears.

If you’re interested in our mentorship scheme find and email your local chapter to get in touch with some of the industry’s best.