New York

What’s your brand twist?

On a snowy Tuesday morning, at the Betaworks Studios in Chelsea, SheSays NY hosted a breakfast over branding with Julie Cottineau. Julie is the author of the best-selling book “TWIST: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands”.

The Virgin veteran (former VP of Brand) shed light on the mentioned “twist”. Julie invited the audience to partake by distributing worksheets. In a venn diagram she explained to enter your “passion” or the “thing you love to do in your free time” and on the right “what you’re professionally known for”, she said the middle of those two spectrums is where the magic aka the twist happens.

An audience member mentioned she recently learned to play cello and loved it and professionally she was a writer. Julie immediately uncovered the writer’s twist by drawing parallels to language of words and language of music. She encouraged the writer to position herself as someone who gets “communication” in it’s organic form.

Further, Julie shared how you can

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