Los Angeles

SheSays LA is looking for a new chapter lead

We are seeking new chapter leadership for SheSays LA. This is a volunteer opportunity to bring new energy and perspective to the chapter. We will stay on as advisors to support you in the transition, but the reins will be all yours.


  • You are a master networker who can always find the right people at the drop of a hat

  • You love to curate thoughtful events and programming that bring people together

  • You have a passion for mentorship and helping women reach their potential

  • You are part of the LA creative community

What you get

  • Accountability and support from a global cohort of other SheSays leads.
  • Free-reign to shape the vision of the chapter and therefore practice your leadership skills in a supportive environment
  • Tons of exposure in the Creative community.
  • An expanded network with more  connections.

How to apply

Send your resume and your vision for the chapter to shesaysla@gmail.com by Jan 28, 2022. You can apply as a solo lead or as a dynamic team.


We can’t wait to see what’s in store for LA.

All our love,

Elyssa & Anya


Photo by Cedric Letsch on Unsplash
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