SheSays London announces new presidents

We’re so pleased to announce that London has two new presidents: Jayshree Viswanathan and Amy Dick!

If you’ve been to one of our London events in the past two years you’ll already have seen them in action.

Jayshree recently started at Creative X, Meta as a Senior Copywriter. She has also previously been named a Campaign Future Leader and Face To Watch, and is part of the Google RARE Leadership cohort.

Amy is Head of Impact at Anyone, an app that lets you call anyone in the world for advice – and sits on the Advisory Board for University of the Arts London, helping set strategic direction to future proof the creative industries. She is also named one of The Dots 100 Rising Stars.

In our community we’re constantly talking how the system can be better for women and non-binary folks. What we love about Jay and Amy is that they’re set to help us make change from within.

Go Jay and Amy!

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