New York

Meet the fab women behind our NY chapter

Here are eight women who’ll make your NY SheSays experience even better: Amanda, Bonnie, Ericka, Gina, Liz, Eve, Julia, and Kimberly will be taking over from our co-founder Ale Lariu as she relocates to London.

What does this mean to you?

Our members will continue to have monthly events and will also be able to participate on our membership scheme.

The group will be meeting every quarter to review your event suggestions and plan upcoming events. Each board member will put together one or two events a year. So if you have thoughts and ideas for SheSays NY please email us.

So meet your board:

Amanda Jaskiewicz has been with SheSays NY for 10 years. You might have seen her facilitate some of our events. Having played various roles in the ad world/around the world, with amazing mentors (both men and women), Amanda felt it was important for me to give back to an organization like SheSays and help to grow a community of future female leaders. She leads our mentorship program – Who’s Yr Momma – by creating some magical match making. If you need a mentor, Amanda is your point of contact.

Bonnie O’Hara is the Managing Director of Iris Worldwide. She knows what makes clients and people tick. She spends her days looking after her agency’s culture and is a true agent for change. She was an avid SheSays supporter in her home-town London and now she gets to help all of NY members.

Ericka Riggs is an adventurer. Part architect and entrepreneur, she continuously taking on roles that require lots of legwork and building of programs from scratch. In September of 2016, Ericka joined the AD Club of NY, presently she is the Foundation and Inclusion Director—a role in which she is actively advocating, managing and developing talent pipeline programs, diversity-outreach efforts, and culturally inclusive experiences for the advertising, marketing, and media community.

Gina Soloperto – Gina has moderated five SheSays events. She’s has an incredible network built to help others. Gina has a Masters in Behavioral Science so she knows how people actually behave as opposed to how people want them to behave. She helps companies find the gaps and connect ALL of the dots to meet the needs of the people they serve.

Liz Kiehner thrives at the intersection of technology, design and consumer engagement. She’s currently responsible for envisioning the future for big clients leveraging data for AI or blockchain driven platforms and services. She’s also creating a graphic novel about the Suffragettes.

Eve Bates is an exec producer and recruiter. She has tons experience nationally and internationally and applies her skills as a producer and passion for human connection to the world of recruiting. Eve understands career challenges and will be a great contribution to our members.

Julia Sosa is a rare breed of creative. She can tackle brand comms and experience design. SheSays is a network for creatives in a broad sense of the word and Julia’s all-inclusive sensibility can help shape our programming in new and exciting ways.

Kimberly Penharlow is a certified Leadership coach. Say no more. She’ll be helping us develop our events’ leadership offering. She creates and facilitates training on leadership, communication, conflict resolution, executive presence and team development. Kimberly is a marathon runner and has lead two very success SheSays workshops.

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