Los Angeles

All Voices On Deck

We were so grateful and honored to host a very important conversation on diversity and inclusion in creative industries.

While there are many large corporations and CEO roundtables, we wanted to do something local, grassroots, and immediately actionable for anyone at any level. We know this is not just HR’s job, it’s not just big companies, it’s all of us. We wanted to keep our conversation grounded in LA and start with our community, regardless of position or seniority, we need all voices on deck.

When we first got together to think about how we wanted to contribute and use our platform, we didn’t have the answers.

So we looked to our network. We wanted to hear from Black women in advertising, but while we could think of some Black men, we had a hard time identifying Black women. And we realized we had a problem right there. SheSays is about women helping women. If we’re not including women of color in our networking events, in mentorship, panels, we’re the ones missing out. 

We are grateful that Trell Thomas, our moderator, and our amazing, dynamic panel, Kishau Rogers, Storm Smith, Leslye Graham, and Natasha McClean Haubric stepped up to fill the space.

We know this is a difficult conversation, we hope this talk inspires everyone to continue being okay with being uncomfortable. 

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