SheSays Amsterdam presents: Shameless Self-Promotion

SheSays Amsterdam presents: Shameless Self-Promotion

Times are weird as we adjust to our new ‘normal’. The casual “Hi, let’s go and grab a coffee!” is a no-go right now. Since jobs are scarce, self-promotion is all the more important — and the need to find different ways to throw your hat in the ring is paramount.  How do we come across as creative, ballsy and ‘must have’ without seeming desperate, arrogant or irrelevant?

During this SheSays Amsterdam livecast, futurefactor’s founding partner, Kerrie Finch was joined by Fiona HarroldViv GroskopWies BratbyMelissa Romero and Maj Klaassen – Hecker to candidly about taking the shame out of self-promotion. How do you get that (Zoom) meeting with your top-listed prospects? And when you get it, how do you successfully nail that call?

Watch the full conversation to learn from the best in business on why blowing your own trumpet is a good thing. Gain practical insight into digital tools for business development — and have a laugh about the faux pas.

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