2018 and beyond – we will not be silenced

2017 has surely been a hell of a year – with great moments as well as heavy ones. It was the year of #metoo, the first year of Women’s March and the year where women’s values and points of view dominated the news and social channels.  We’d like to see more of that in 2018.

At SheSays we also accomplished some incredible things last year: we launched the Vowss film festival at Cannes in conjunction with Voice of a Woman, created films about the Gender PayGap, volunteered 10 hours of our time for girls in South Asia and East Africa and launched the #51Days51Ways campaign to help close the gender pay gap.
We have some big plans for 2018 to celebrate 10 years in NY and 11 years in London – you’ll know about those soon. And we’ll continue to launch new chapters and help you further your careers through events and mentorship.
We care deeply about having more women leaders, it’s why we exist. And if there’s anything that gets on the way of our path to boardrooms, including sexual harassment, rest assured we will not be silenced. If you need our help with anything, including being a victim of sexual harassment, please contact
We here for you – we are here to hear your voices, to help you find and amplify them. Resist, progress, blossom. Your voice is everything.
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