Help us celebrate 10 years!

Wow, it’s been 10 years since we started SheSays. We’ve accomplished so much in that time. But we want to do more. So much more. And to do that we need your help. Today we’re launching our first ever donation drive to help build a bunch of exciting things you asked for.

We’re asking all our members to donate the equivalent of at least $10 so we can

  • Establish a free career advice tool leveraging the intelligence of the 300+ speakers we’ve hosted
  • Put our mentorship scheme (Who’s Yr Momma) on steroids
  • Redesign our global site to fulfill your requests for changes
  • Support overall growth of new chapters

So you have ever attended an event, had a mentorship session, been inspired by our newsletters, or if you just feel like you want to contribute something to help other women in your industry, please donate at today. Together we’ll build amazing things. Thank you!

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