Who’s Yr Momma? June 19

The creative industry can be an exciting and challenging landscape to work in, and the path you take is totally up to you. Once you pick a direction, it helps to have a professional to offer some guidance along the way. That’s where our “Who’s Your Momma” event comes in. SheSays Chicago has assembled some of the top women in creative for the sole purpose of helping YOU. Our mentors come from a variety of backgrounds and will be here on June 19 to answer questions and share insights on topics chosen by our community. This eventful night offers something for women and men at any career level.

Here’s how it works: You’ll attend ONE of four topics you would like to learn more about. You’ll learn tips from all of the mentors, then you’ll move to breakout sessions for the topic you’ve chosen.

Breakout Session 1: LinkedIn from the Pros In a presentation from the speaker, you’ll discuss best practices, then break into small groups to review your profiles.
Tajuana Ross – Entrepreneur

Breakout Session 2: Creative Director Masterclass After the panel discussion, you’ll learn how to handle conflict, then practice giving relevant feedback to one another.
Katherine Theoharopoulos, Inhouse
Ari Krzyzek, Entrepreneur
Faye Kleros, SVP, Freelance

Breakout Session 3: Goal Setting In a presentation from the speaker, you’ll see demonstrations on how to set goals, then break into smaller groups to learn how set your own goals, stick to them and take action.
Claudia Richman, Operations optimizer, culture cultivator and change champion

Breakout Session 4: Small-Team UX. In a presentation from the speaker, you’ll learn best practices, then the group will build out a wireframe together.
Kitty Singsuwan, Founder & UX Consultant, ksd.


Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. Breakout sessions will start promptly at 6:00 pm. Food and drink will be provided by our amazing host, Ascend Training!

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