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NEW YORK: Life Hacks


On May 3rd in conjunction with the 5050 initiative, SheSays New York presents a night of inspiring and motivating approaches for living a more productive life. Discover how our speakers learned to balance both personal and professional demands while still achieving happiness and success by applying various ‘life hacks’ ranging from how to adopt better time management habits, how to leverage apps and technology to stay organized and manage time, and how to tap into free resources to do more with less. 


Allison Behringer - Betaworks

Claire Kelly - Google

Piera Gelardi - Refinery29

Eben Levy - The Bump


5:30 pm Registration 

6:15 pm Opening Remarks

6:25 pm Presentations

7:05 pm Q & A / Panel Discussion

7:35 pm Closing Remarks

7:45 pm Networking

8:30 pm Event End

Hosted by Creative Niche, Let's Make the Industry 50/50 and  sponsored by XO Group.

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