New York

Versions of you – the hybrid mindset

On April 28th at MovingBrands, New York, we’ll be discussing how to nurture a hybrid mindset.

Most of us display unexpected combinations of disciplines, cultures, industries and approaches. In this salon we’ll discuss the hybrid mindset, the positives and negatives of being a hybrid and what you’ll need to let the hybrid in you thrive. 

This session will be interactive and we’ll even help you build a better – hybrid – version of your future self.


Aki Shelton – Executive Creative Director at Moving Brands

Mayo Nissen – Designer and Researcher at frog design

May Shek – Strategist at Siegel+Gale

Panel moderated by Alessandra Lariu – SheSays co-founder


6.30 PM – doors

7 – 8 PM – panel, Q&A and workshop

8 – 8.30 PM – networking

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