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The only global creative network for women

SheSays is an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative and marketing businesses. Why? Because we want to see more women at the top. And since we are all about doing we also offer courses, career management and a collaboration platform called shout.

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Shout is a new venture from SheSays. We created a radical new way for women to collaborate and get paid.



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(Almost) Everything we do is free, but we need your support. All the money donated will go into keeping events and mentorship scheme working for you.



The world is pretty much half men, half women. So why are there hardly any women doing top jobs at agencies? We decided to stop chatting about it and do something. SheSays holds events, where top females in the industry share their thoughts and help people work their way up. We also have our own award called The Golden Stillettos which is actually the first ever wearable award for women who stepped it up. We are also very pleased to announce a couple of extra services in the US. We now offer career management and recruitment which means we can find you some great jobs. And because we like to keep things practical, we are starting some courses on digital creative and production where we’ll focus on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’. That’s right, we’ll teach you how to get things done as opposed to talking about the internet. Finally, if you want to work on great clients and with other amazing women, please join our evolved collaboration platform called shout. The benefits are incredible, including getting some hard cash.

So what’s in it for you?

You can come to free events around the world and meet other cool women, you can get a mentor, a job or even additional income through shout projects. We are also a partner of the 5050 initiative so you can  get on a list of great women or suggest other cool ladies who deserve some exposure.

111 Saint Felix Street – Brooklyn, NY – USA +1 646 549 5265 We are really different from other organizations in that everything we do comes from our members suggestions. So if you have ideas for events or anything else email us. Our events, mentorship, award submissions and job services are FREE. You pay for the courses, but hey, we need to make some money somewhere. If you’re interested in our mentorship scheme contact us to get in touch with some of the industry’s best. Please tell us the city where you live/work and use the following subject lines – Who’s your momma/creative, Who’s your momma/planning and so forth. We are booked on a first come first serve basis.



    • Alessandra Lariu – ECD at frog @alelariu
    • Laura Jordan Bambach – Creative Partner at Mr President @laurajaybee

  • MANCHESTER – email us
    • Vimla Appadoo – Digital Account Manager, SheSays co-organizer @Vimla16
    • Mahnaz Yusaf – Digital Strategist, SheSays co-organizer @randomohso
    • Emma Scamell – Marketing Manager, SheSays co-organizer @emmascamell
    • Aimee Tasker – Producer, SheSays co-organizer @aimeeeedia
    • Emily Hinks – Idea Agent, SheSays co-organizer @emilyhinks
    • Jo Green – Associate Director, SheSays power organizer @JoGreen
    • Maja Nyvang – Radio host at DR, SheSays power organizer
    • Sine Cecilie Laub – SheSays power organizer
  • STOCKHOLM – email us
    • Frida Wadsby – Digital Account Manager, SheSays co – organizer
    • Nora Bremer – SheSays co-organizer
    • Emma Lindgren – Marketing coordinatior, SheSays co-organizer
    • Emma Ohlsson – SheSays co-organizer
    • Agnes Rembe – SheSays co-organizer
    • Helene Cathrine Schlack – SheSays co-organizer
    • Sara Gärdegård –  Graphical Designer, SheSays co-organizer
    • Elena Sulin – Project Manager, SheSays power organizer
  • BERLIN – email us
    • Alice Bottaro – Creative Director at DDB Berlin, SheSays power organizer
    • Annika Glander – Senior Account Manager Int’l at DDB Berlin, SheSays power organizer
  • AMSTERDAM @SheSaysAMSemail us
    • Louise Brierley-Ingham – SheSays mistress of ceremonies
    • Kerrie Finch – SheSays power organizer

    • NEW YORK @shesaysusemail us
      • Amanda Jaskiewicz – Director, SheSays career management @ajaskiewicz
      • Aoife Reddan – Photographer, SheSays event coordinator and photographer @aoifereddan
      • Molly Aaker – Strategist at POSSIBLE, SheSays newsletter editor @MissMolls
      • Kim Weiner – Designer at Story Worldwide, SheSays newsletter designer @kim_weiner
      • Kim Mackenzie – Digital & Marketing Strategist, SheSays Who’s Your Momma program manager @Kim_BKLYN
      • Annabel Ruddle – Freelance Photographer & Filmmaker, SheSays video producer @annabelruddle
      • Hana Erim – Digital Marketer, SheSays membership manager
    • LOS ANGELES – email us
      • Eva Mautino – Executive Producer at B-Reel, SheSays mistress of ceremonies
      • Mei-lin Rawlinson  – Executive Producer at B-Reel, SheSays mistress of ceremonies
      • Kim Beylin – Associate Creative Director at Weber Shandwick, SheSays LA advisor @verticaltaste
      • Kayla Green – Digital Strategy Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, SheSays LA advisor @kaylam
    • SAN FRANCISCO – email us
      • Lillian Coryn – CD at frog, SheSays mistress of ceremonies @wellmadeworld
      • Patrice Speed – SheSays events manager
      • Allyson Schreck – SheSays power organizer
      • Erin St. Pierre – SheSays power organizer
    • BOULDER – email us
      • Mandy Godown – SheSays power organizer
      • Kecia Benvenuto – SheSays power organizer
    • DALLAS – email us
      • Karen Vogel Scamardo – SheSays power organizer
      • Allison McFadden – SheSays power organizer @allisonmcfadden
    • AUSTIN email us
      • Nicole DeAngelis – SheSays power organizer
      • Shana Ogg – SheSays power organizer
      • Rachel McCallister – SheSays power organizer
    • BOSTON – email us
      • Genevieve Crain – SheSays power organizer
      • Mary Ann Guillette – SheSays power organizer
    • CHICAGO @SheSaysChicago  email us
      • Jennifer Lemerand – Creative Director at c|change, inc, Director of Chicago Chapter   @UpsideDwnGlsses
      • Anuli Akanegbu – Digital Planner at Edelmen, SheSays social media master @anuliwashere
      • Elisha-Rio Apilado – Illustrator and Designer, SheSays doodler @erioapilado
      • Suzanne Cohen – Wordsmith, SheSays committee member @suzannecohen01
      • Julie Goldsberry – Graphic Designer at Bravo Restaurants, SheSays WordPress aficionado @julieofthewolfs 
      • Beckie O’Connor – Creative Director at Havas Worldwide, SheSays visionary @roc_onn
    • MIAMI @shesaysmiamiemail us
      • Kiran Carpenter – Creative Program Manager at SapientNitro, SheSays mistress of ceremonies
      • Maria Chercoles – Digital Strategy at SapientNitro, SheSays mistress of ceremonies
    • DC
      • Rebecca Orlov – Producer, SheSays mistress of ceremonies
      • Jenn Lore – Sr. Acct Supervisor at Edelman, SheSays mistress of ceremonies
    • ATLANTA @SheSaysATLemail us
      • Rhea Hanges – Creative Director at BBDO, Director of Atlanta Chapter – email Rhea
      • Jennifer Copeland – Strategist at BBDO, SheSays mistress of social media – email Jen
      • Ali Nam – Creative at BBDO, SheSays Who’s Your Momma mistress  – email Ali
      • Kai Foo – Creative at BBDO, SheSays mistress of events – email Kai
      • Julie Bancroft – Chief Ambassador Kake, SheSays mistress of ceremonies @juliebancroft
      • Kerry Mullen – Founder Kake, SheSays mistress of ceremonies @kerrymullberry
      • Karen Roland – Founder Kake, SheSays mistress of ceremonies @kareneroland
      • Nichol Martin – Creative Manager, SheSays power organizer
      • Serena Fedor – Director Interactive Accounts, SheSays power organizer
      • Shauna Powers – Designer, SheSays power organizer

    • TORONTO – email us
      • Shani Betz – Executive Producer at Lollipop, SheSays power organizer @shesaystoronto
    • VANCOUVER – email us
      • Kim Ridgewell – Senior Designer at 123w, SheSays power organizer @kimridgewell
      • Robyn Smith – Brand Director at Cossette Vancouver, SheSays power organizer @robynmichelles
      • Jennifer Reynolds – Senior Account Manager, Digital Strategist at Edelman, SheSays power organizer @jenreyn
      • Nicole Tai – Digital Producer at Domain7, SheSays events manager @nicolb

    • SYDNEY – email us
      • Yasmin Quemard – Leader @yastwit
      • Ruby Lucas – Head of events & sponsorship
      • Jen Dobbie – Head of Who’s Your Momma
      • Nikki Watson – Head of Who’s Your Momma
      • Rosie Boskett – SheSays power organiser
      • Kitti Gould – SheSays power organiser
      • Carolyn Hyams – SheSays power organiser
      • Hannah Savage – SheSays power organiser
      • Paula Vaz – SheSays power organiser
      • Nena Salobir – SheSays power organiser
      • Lucy Chung – SheSays power organiser
    • MELBOURNE – email us
      • Kara Jenkins – CD at Isobar, SheSays power organizer @karatou
      • Jane Hutton – Group Communications Director, Aegis Media, SheSays power organizer
      • Steph Webster – Account Director at Isobar, SheSays power organizer @stekko

    • SINGAPORE – email us
      • Meera Jane Navaratnam –  Smart Cities Consultant, Accenture Digital, SheSays power organizer @meerajane
      • Lizi Hamer –  Creative Director, SheSays power organizer @LiziHamer
      • Vicky Chen – Product Development, Xaxis, SheSays editor
    • KUALA LUMPUR – email us
      • Mabel Tan –  SheSays power organizer @mabeltan
      • Michelle Chan –  SheSays power organizer @chanweiyan

    • MONTEVIDEO – email us
      • Michelle Capdevielle– SheSays power organizer
      • Beatriz Sano – SheSays power organizer
      • Glaucia Baldi – SheSays power organizer
      • Carol de Marchi – SheSays power organizer
      • Daniela Costa – SheSays power organizer


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