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Be Your Own Hype Woman

As women, we’re naturally predisposed to shy away from self-promotion. A woman posts an achievement on LinkedIn and she is called vain; a man does the same and he’s praised for his hard-earned work and dedication.

Do you know your worth? Do you market yourself and advocate like you would for one of your clients?

To kick your year off for success, you’re invited to join the discussion about advocating for yourself! At this next in-person event, we’ve got a powerhouse panel of successful women who want to share their stories and offer practical advice on building confidence, setting goals, and effective communication. We’ll be chatting about:

  • How to put successful self-advocation into practice: where and when do you share your achievements?
  • How do you set yourself up to ask for that promotion, raise, new job, or career shift?
  • Self-advocation is not a one-woman show. You need the support of other women as well. How do you build your own hype crew around you?

Attendees will be able to ask the panel questions, connect with like-minded women, and network, leaving the event feeling empowered and motivated to achieve their 2023 goals.

Meet Our Panel

On our panel, we welcome:

Bianca Hartel, Editor & Content Strategist at 2Stories

Natalie Williams, Senior Manager Strategy & Engagement at 2U

Tanya Pato, PR Manager at Woolworths: Fashion and Beauty & Founder at Pato Inc

Celeste Stewart, Learning Strategist & Founder at Bold Curiosity

Leading the discussion will be Anelde Greeff, Co-founder & Chief Content Officer at 2Stories & Director at SheSays Cape Town.

You asked, and we listened, and that’s why we’re shaking things up at this event! We’re loosening up the panel discussion to give you even more opportunities to ask questions and take part in the conversation. So come with all your questions about advocating for yourself!

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