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NEW YORK: Wrap up of horror stories in NYC

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A bit late, but better late than never. We had another full house ready to absorb everything that our panelists had to share about their past career boo-boos and how they survived to become the leader they are today. There was definitely a lively debate and a number of topics discussed which many could relate to. And they all came back to the point that what you want out of your career really does depend on you and your actions.

Key advice that came out of the evening:

  • Change starts with you - don't whine about it and don't expect someone else to fix your problem
  • You can be a "change agent" to support and educate the people around you (it is actually the role of all of us)
  • Surround yourself with mentors that believe in you
  • There will be different mentors for different things - make sure you are clear about what you want out of your mentor so you get the most out of the relationship and you are not wasting their time

Thanks to SapientNitro for hosting and thanks again to our wonderful panel whose experience we are so appreciative of:

Looking forward to repeating this event next October. 🙂

Check out photos from the evening here.



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