SheSays’ The WEI – Women with Epic Ideas – crowdfunding campaign

Big News. We have heard your struggles over the last 14 years and during these COVID times. So we are running a Kickstarter to create the first career progression platform optimized for women. FUND US!

The platform is called The WEI – or Women (with) Epic Ideas.
Because yes, you’re epic and yes, of course you have amazing ideas. And your ideas are exactly what boardrooms need.

But we are powerless without your help. This is about scaling up, so instead of helping 50 people like you every month, we help 5000.
Supporting The WEI is right thing to do, but did we mention we also have  some amazing rewards for you?

Please help us take SheSays to the next level by funding or passing on to people you think can help – like your company.

Help us help you invest in your career. Because when women rise, all boats rise.



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