New York

AI event – round-up and video

Here are a few links for from our last New York event on Artificial Intelligence. And if you want to watch the whole talk, please check out our YouTube channel.

Our speakers Elizabeth Kiehner (Global Design Practice Director at IBM), Jenna Niven (Creative Director at R/GA), Clement Delangue (CEO at Hugging Face) and Heidi Braunstein (Founder at FUTURE | FUTURE) inundated the audience with cool links and trends we should watch for and gave us a lot to think about when discussion ethical parameters for the field.

The main take-away came from a discussion around machine programming – what biases could AI have if the people teaching the machines are all white male engineers? Something we should all be aware of and strive to change.

On a more positive note, here are some essential links for you to check out straight from the brilliant minds of our expert panel:



Alexa vs The Velveteen Rabbit



Facial Reennactment

Face2face tracking

2d photos to 3d avatars 

Text to image

Moral machine from MIT



Sunspring – a hilariously confusing sci-fi short written by an A.I. neural network

Wordsmith – a natural language generation (NLG) engine that lets you turn data into text at any scale and in any format

Albert – an AI platform to help with marketing automation.



Learning to trust AI – a paper from IBM research


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