Take a Stand! – Values Based Marketing

SheSays Stockholm chapter continues its Inside the Industry events to discuss trending industry issues in order to provide our network with knowledge and inspiration needed for empowering them in their career path. This time a panel of four talented and successful women from telecoms and advertising/PR industries will be sharing their experience in values based marketing.

In the search for the most successful marketing strategies, we more and more often find that the ideas and creations that we cannot resist belong to the realm of so-called values-based marketing. Weren’t you touched by the Nike ad with Serena Williams urging women to dream crazier? Or Telia showing an inclusive depiction of Sweden? Did it make you reflect on your own beliefs and prejudices – or spark an urge to join the debate?

We understand values-based marketing as “an appeal to customer‘s values and ethics” and we see that the power of values-based campaigns is recognized by experts globally. But while there are many reasons to celebrate this shift in marketing; like any of the cutting-edge movements, it often comes with risks.

What needs to hold true for a brand to be able to apply values-based marketing and increase its value? What are the dos and dont’s?

We will look into these issues with the help of Anne Gro Gulla (CMO, Telia Sweden), Johanna Sahlman (Head of Halebop (GTM)), Maja Haraldsson (Account Manager & Planner, House of Radon), and Alexandra Arvidsson (Copywriter, House of Radon).

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