Inspiration – ready for it to strike at any moment

We love our Facebook friends who share daily doses of Maya Angelou and Amy Poehler wisdom. Many of us have an “Inspiration” Pinterest board nestled between “My future Wedding” and “Favorite Street Fashion”. Our inaugural 2015 Main Event: INSPIRATION, will feature four talented women who have discovered unique ways to inspire their digital projects, careers and lives.

Where do they find Inspiration? Who Inspires them? How have they evolved the “art of being Inspired”? We promise you’ll learn about fresh ideas and resources to ignite your career.

Join us for cocktails @ 5:30 followed by four 10 minute presentations and a lively panel discussion moderated by Julia Barrett, Director of Customer Insights, at Effective UI, and Lori Kirkland, VP of Experience Transformation, at Universal Mind.

The speakers:

Claire Gipson; Art Director, Cactus

“Hey y’all. (That’s right, I’m a dang southerner.) In the past few years, I’ve been a graphic designer, photographer, home decor product designer and buyer. Now, I’m an art director. I just like making cool stuff with good people.” Claire earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design from Mississippi State and a Master of Science in Business Branding & Art Direction from the world renowned VCU Brandcenter.

Priya Burkett, Director of Strategy and Performance, Xcel Energy

Priya is accountable for the alignment of strategies for the four Xcel Energy operating companies and the corporate service functions. She has been in leadership positions with Xcel Energy for the past 13 years. She is especially proud of a knowledge base IPad app, PowerSource, that she designed and implemented for Xcel employees. She earned a Masters in Business Administration from the Executive MBA program at the University of Colorado.

Erin Jacobson, Jr. Architect, Tres Birds Workshop

Erin is a new member of the team at Tres Birds Workshop, and is working towards licensure as an architect. She received B.As in Visual Arts and Environmental and Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming, and a dual Masters in Architecture and Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon. She studied under a variety of creative minds ranging from Boulder ceramic artist Margaret Haydon to Daniel Meyers, Creative Director of the renowned digital agency, Second Story, in Portland, OR.

Skye Sant, Director of Internal Digital Strategy, Prologis

Skye believes technology’s purpose is to make human lives better, so she guides teams in creating & maintaining applications, tools and processes that accommodate the user, not the other way around. She’s the first ever UX Designer hired into the Operational Strategy department at a multi-national industrial real estate enterprise. With a global scope and surrounded by many different internal tools, Skye never has a boring day. She loves being outside in the sunshine and adores playing in the strange place between the real and the digital world.


Thursday, April 9, 2015
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
110 16th st., Denver, CO

13th floor of Petroleum Building @ corner of 16th Street + Cleveland Place. Front door located b/w Jimmy John’s & Dazbog. Street parking or in the parking garage in Civic Center Plaza (16th Street & Broadway)

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