Global Action Against Racism

Join us for an AMA (ask me anything) panel with women leaders from 3 different continents. Proceeds donated to Black Women’s Blueprint in the US.


Adah Parris – (moderator) Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Performance Artist, Cultural Strategist. TED2019 Emerging Innovator.

In 2019, Adah was recognised by TED Talks as one of their Global Emerging Innovators. And in 2018, she was UK’s Top 100 Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Leaders in Technology. Adah is a creative problem solver who empathetically subverts the status quo and who takes philosophical and anthropological approach to technology. She has over 20 years experience in transforming cultures to nurture decentralised humanity-centred innovation environments.



Gillian Benneh – Client partner

Based in London (UK), Gillian has been creating digital products for over 20 years. Specialing in Project Management, she has developed solutions for clients such as Nestle, IBM, Ford, Audi, BBC, and Channel 4. In 2012 Gillian relocated to the Middle East, where she worked for 7 years . Gillian is second-generation Ghanaian and often speaks around evolving the conversation about Africa to help create a new narrative for the continent.


Pride Maunatlala Marketing Executive at TFG (The Foschini Group) Founder of theSoundingBoard

Based in Cape Town (SA), Pride sees the world through people and brands. At any given time, the most important conversations for driving positive change engulf her energy and passion. As a marketing strategy leader at TFG; a team that houses female brands championing female confidence; she is most inspired by the voice of women in business. She is a Duke University Zanele Mbeki fellow on Feminist Leadership.


Tasha Lufti – Principal Design Director at Microsoft – Co-founder of Womxn in Design

Based in Seattle (USA), Tasha is a Design leader who manages cross-platform teams at tech giant Microsoft. She is an accomplished professional with a stunning ability to breathe life into any vision or idea. During her fifteen year tenure at Microsoft, Tasha has been influential in creating solutions to reengage daily habits in people’s lives.



We want to make this event the first of a series to drive positive change on top of local city efforts. So please come to help co-create long lasting action.




Photo above by Glodi Miessi on Unsplash

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