Active inclusion

Active Inclusion from Different Perspectives: a session on the importance of feeling a part of a group.


Anna Gullstrand has 15 years of experience from leadership and strategy within the digital industry – out of which 7 years as CEO for digital agencies in Finland, Russia and Sweden.

Her focus as a consultant has been helping clients with digital and cultural transformation, while her internal focus has always been around her passion for people and the result of conscious work around company culture. Today Anna Gullstrand works as VP People of Mentimeter, a fast growing SaaS company.

Anna is the author of the book Facilitate! – on Facilitative Leadership published in 2020. The book has attracted a great deal of interest from in- and outside of creative sector, and has been celebrated as a book that will help leaders to find new effective ways to engage their employees.




Photo by Nicolas COMTE on Unsplash

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