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New York: Choice architects - design for humanity's best self

EVENT REPEAT: Due to popular demand we're repeating this event in July in conjunction with the New York Design and Code Academy on July 25th. Stay tuned for more details and come and join us at the NYCDA very soon.


RSVP to our March NY event where an awesome panel is going to give you a preview of the session they'll present at SXSW later in the month about "dark design".

Today’s digital landscape feeds our lizard brains and reduces complex moral dilemmas to the swipe of a thumb. As product creators, we have a responsibility to present people with a set of choices to enable them to be the best version of themselves.

This panel will discuss examples of dark user interface patterns wreaking havoc on our lives. We will empower you to positively impact humanity through products designed for a world that doesn't suck.


  • Lauren Bugeja, UX Lead, Google
  • Diana Gonzalez, Strategy Director, R/GA
  • Jennifer Garfield, Lead Product Manager, The Knot
  • Elayne Safir, Senior UX Designer, XO Group (panel moderator)




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