AI – The End of Digital Marketing as We Knew It?

SheSays Stockholm continues the series Inside the Industry! This time we will be hosted at the temporary premises of Google Digitalakademin and will look into how relevant the developments in AI are to the creative industry and digital marketing.

n 2018, algorithms will increasingly power every aspect of our lives from voice recognition to self-driving cars and continue their steady transformation from healthcare to commerce. Customer data analysis, chat-bots, augmented reality, AI-enabled algorithms for SEO, image and voice recognition – these are only a few examples of how AI is disrupting digital marketing.

What is changing? What are the challenges? Where are the opportunities? How can we ensure diversity and inclusion? These are some of the topics that will be explored by our fantastic panel of change-leading women!


Anki Ahrnell, CDO at Bonnier Media Group

Klara Riddermark, Marketing Manager at Signal Signal

Madeleine Lindgren, Head of Digital Marketing at Bisnode


Find more information about the event here.

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