Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance.

It’s about spreading some love and saying thank you to the people who make you better!

We’re celebrating everyone out there who’s helped you grow and achieve your goals.


Maybe it’s the kickass career guru who shared some brilliant advice over coffee.

The brilliant mentor with heaps of experience, tips, and tricks or the confidence-boosting colleagues.

If they made you SHINE we want to help you say THANKS because sometimes they don’t know just how much they’ve helped you.


All you need is to fill in the form, write something really nice and we’ll play Cupid and deliver your message.

Make sure you follow us on Insta @TheyMadeHerShine – we’ll be sharing some of these awesome thank you’s all day long.


Yay! You want to say thanks.

We encourage messages in any language.

Please make sure you add their socials so the message can find them.

Also include your own, obviously.