SheSays is a proud partner of The Great Wave

The Great Wave is a festival to tackle the big societal questions—from social justice to immunity passports, gene editing, basic income, and late capitalism—to organizational issues such as the crisis of management, the merits of resilience, new leadership, steward ownership, and the future of work. The festival will happen October 16-19, 2020, online and offline in more than 30 cities around the world/

The line-up has over 100 speakers and performers will include Kara Swisher, tech journalist, “Pivot” podcast host, and New York Times columnist and Ianne Stewart Fields, a black, queer, and transfeminine storyteller, who works at the intersection of theater and activism, and many more.

The code RIPPLES_SHESAYS will provide a 15% discount on a regular pass (233,75 Euro + local VAT vs the usual cost of 275 Euro + local VAT).


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