Los Angeles

One decade to the next

As we move into 2020 and look back at the past year, we are so grateful for the impact we have made and the people that we have brought together.

It’s amazing to look back at how the community has come together in ways unique to Los Angeles. In late 2018, we hosted ‘Be a Troublemaker’ where we brought together 200 women and men and inspired them to take more risks. We began the night with a closed-eye visualization that awakened the senses and ever since that small dose of spirituality, we were off. During the last year, we put on 5 events which included 3 panels, 1 rooftop affair, and 1 immersive sound bath experience. We brought together top agencies, brands, and production studios to hold the space for inspiration, connection, and creativity in our vibrant city. We added incredible women to our team and amazing women and men to our wider SheSays LA community.

We want to take a moment to introduce the women behind the scenes who make things happen. Morgan Thomas is our Event Lead who we always depend on to make the right connections. Jasmine Cruz is our always reliable, always ready to jump in – Logistic Lead. Greta Agar-Hutton is our marketing specialist and events curator. Mara Conway is our Art Director extraordinaire responsible for our creative. We also want to thank the countless volunteers, speakers, and partners who have been integral to making our events possible. Rounding out our team are Elyssa Seidman and Anya Shakhmeyster, the Co-Chairs of SheSays LA.

Since LA is so special to us, we are honored to be able to highlight the unique aspects of our city as we head into 2020. This year we are excited to bring you rooftop networking, art, culture, food, and tech with partners like MediaMonks, BBDO, and XPRIZE, and many more.

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