Millennials – learn how to excel in the workplace

You’re smart and ambitious…but sometimes that’s not enough to overcome inherent workplace challenges and get your voice heard.

Through Trellis Consulting, there is now a unique opportunity to learn the best ways to navigate the workplace and gain advantages in your career. Through The Millennial Women Coaching Program you will explore topics such as Building Your Brand, Time Management in the Digital Age and Creating Your Own Board of Directors. You’ll learn these and other key skills with your peers and the experts from Trellis.

The program kicks off 10th October 2017. Although the time zone is in the US, this program is via video conference and is open to any millennial woman across the globe.

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Who is Trellis Consulting?

“We help stakeholders climb, achieve, lead and thrive so your organization can.”

 The mission behind Trellis Consulting is to give all employees an equal access path to success – to strip the biases and other issues that hold diverse people back and create a culture where everyone feels valued, included and respected. It is to teach companies how to utilize the perspectives, ideas and mindsets that make each of us unique and different in order to be stronger, more innovative, sustainable organizations. And in order to do that, diversity and inclusion needs to be embedded into all of an organization’s processes – it has to be part of the fabric of the culture from the top down and the bottom up.

Culture change is hard and takes time. A lot of what Trellis does is to educate people on why it is so important and what they can do every day to move the needle. For instance, how does a millennial woman navigate the workplace when they are struggling and there is a disconnect between the business environment they thought they were entering and the reality of what is really there? In The Millennial Women Program, they give people the tools they need to navigate the workplace, to have a voice, to be more confident, to find value in what they are doing, to invest in themselves.  This relates to what they do for companies because it also goes both ways – there is a big issue with attraction and retention of millennials – organizations should be investing in these women to build the next generation of leaders.

Trellis has both halves of the whole – they give women (and other diverse employees, although they do specialize in gender diversity where their roots are) the tools they need to be successful. But in order to do that, the environment in which people work has to support and enhance the success of everyone, so they address that piece as well.  It is not enough to be smart and driven and gritty – if the culture constantly holds you back, you will not succeed. Trellis works to change that culture so everyone has an equal opportunity to elevate their career.

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