Infobesity: event recap and top tips

We held an eye-opening session with Lily Zagorcheva, PhD Thursday, May 13, 2021. We recorded it and can view the session on our YouTube channel.

There are a few lags and glitches, but that was due to a crazy random rainstorm in Bulgaria!

We shared a useful workbook during the session which we hope that you too will take the opportunity to download for yourself and use.

To just give you a taste of what was covered, here are the Top 10 Tips that aims to help you establish a healthy Information Diet:

  1. Stop hoarding information. File it in topics or bookmarks.
  2. Replace video conferences whenever possible with shared files and notes. Try using regular phone calls and outdoor bench meetings. Pro tip: Hide your “self view” in video conferencing to minimize your own distractions.
  3. Beware what information you share. Sometimes NOT sharing is caring.
  4. Don’t stop (your habits). Substitute. Willpower is overrated.
  5. Think of places that make you relax without your screen. Or make you use your screen less.
  6. Change your thinking from #FOMO to #JOMO (Fear to Joy of Missing Out).
  7. Replace activities that produce Dopamine with activities that produce Oxytocin.
  8. Consider your digital detox as important as your personal hygiene.
  9. Deep work might mean deep flow. Immerse yourself in hours of deep activity – learning, working, or teaching.
  10. When all else fails: Even 30 seconds of conscious breathing can increase focus and save you hours.

As Lily mentioned during the session, she is still building on this so if you have any thoughts you’d like to share with her or simply connect, feel free to reach out:

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