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Do you have what it takes? – recap

On February 10th 72andSunny hosted an incredibly insightful panel discussion between women tasked with finding talent for some of the top companies in LA.

The awe-inspiring panel:

Sedef M. Buyukataman –  Talent Brand Leader, Sonos

Ashley Nowicki – Director of Talent, Working Not Working

Sedef Onar – Director of Talent, 72andSunny

Moderator: Renee Welch – Talent Strategist, 72andSunny

A multitude of topics were covered; from advice for people starting out, changing careers, finding courage and being a killer creative. There was so much fertile ground for discussion that questions from the attendees lasted a whole extra hour!

Here are a few highlights:

Getting that edge

  • Think about the work you want to do, not the work you have done already or are capable of doing.

  • Know your subject matter and expertise. Articulate your craft into the language of the company you want to work for so that they can understand what you mean to their business. Show how you can add a lot of value.

  • Fight for the in-person meeting. Even 5 minutes can help you express want can’t be conveyed easily on paper.

  • Do some research to find the right person to speak to.

Changing Career

  • Your North Star needs to be what you are passionate about. Become clear about what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. Clarity gives you confidence.

  • Nobody will invest in you unless you invest in yourself first. If you see the need then just start doing the job. Even if it’s volunteer work – continue to demonstrate what you want to do.

  • Do not use the job process to figure out what you want to do


  • Don’t wait for people to notice your strengths, achievements or where you can add value. Say it yourself and own it.

  • Get better at self-branding. It’s a common problem for creatives to be able to talk about any brand in the world apart from their own.

Killer creative

  • Be a creative with a learner stance. You could have a great portfolio /  background but you need to be open and a willingness to problem solve.

  • Be relentlessly progressive in everything you do.

  • Be a hands-on person who is not afraid to get their hands dirty.

The most important questions in an interview…

  • Why are you here and what do you want to do next?

  • What would ever make you want to change or go somewhere else?

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