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Amsterdam: Be the change you want to see - what you missed at SheSays Amsterdam

We all know that life is a winding journey full of setbacks, learning and loss, but sometimes we’re just not fully prepared for those things to happen to us. So how do you get back on track when life is a bit of a lemon?

On October 16, SheSays Amsterdam brought over 200 people together in cultural hub Pakhuis de Zwijger to talk about the power of change. Hosted by FinchFactor founder Kerrie Finch, the evening was dedicated to the power of change.

From business bouncebacks and sporting setbacks to journeys through alcohol, loss and identity, we heard real stories from some incredible people: Melody Biringer (founder & producer of the Women in Tech Regatta), Willemijn van Wenum (founder of Willem-Pie bakery), Erwin Delano Girigorie (creative and performing artist), Margriet de Schutter (former athlete), and Mounir Samuel (a renowned Egyptian-Dutch political scientist, journalist, and author).

Check out our recap film below. For those interested in watching the livestream of the full session, click here.


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