A manifesto for the last generation of Token Women

We love this manifesto Jess Greenwood wrote for AdWeek. It took us back to 2010 when we organized ‘ The Token Woman’ list that spawned interesting organizations like The 5050 initiative.  Here’s the manifesto:

A Manifesto for the Last Generation of Token Women

We are the last generation of token women, and we have a job to do.

We don’t wait to be assigned a speaking role. Instead, we just speak, because we have something to say.

We take every meeting invite and every client dinner, save an extra chair, make an extra space, and fill it with a female colleague.

We grin like cats in corporate headshots, on the top row, above the fold.

We accept last-minute invitations to otherwise all-male conference panels, and make a point of turning up with interesting things to say.

We nod sagely when recruiters call us “gold dust,” and take the bigger and better jobs. And then hire a bunch more women.

We mentor and elevate and thank and promote.

(When points need to be made, we will blast Beyoncé, and roll in packs.)

We are on the stage, collecting that award. Next year, there will be two of us.

Then, three. Then all.

When there are tons of us, there will be no more token women. Just women. And we will invite the dudes out for champagne and celebrate together.

We are the last generation of token women, and we will make space for all the rest.

Jess Greenwood (@JessGreenwood) is vice president, activation strategy and partnerships, at R/GA.

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