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SheSays is an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative industry. Why? Because we want to see more women at the top. So browse around, sign-up for a chapter in your city and join any of our free events.

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NEW YORK: SheSays BOOM! A unique career accelerator event

In two weeks creatives from any discipline will have FREE access to incredible advice from over 300 past SheSays speakers on popular topics like salary negotiation, presentation skills, team work and leadership skills. Our vision is to build a collective of the best creative minds to help push the industry forward.

To celebrate the launch of our free career advice tool we are having a career accelerator event in New York on June 9th. Tickets are only $50 for a half-day event and they're going fast. So grab yours now!

What's in it for you?

If you're:

a junior creative on any field (design, advertising, strategy) come and soak up knowledge from the best in the business.

mid-career and want to get tips from advancing further, this event is perfect for taking you. You'll also have the opportunity to share your knowledge if you wish to do so.

a senior level professionals you can network and show the world all your knowledge. Get exposure and more!

For ticket and more info please visit our event page.




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