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MINNEAPOLIS: Oh, The Places You'll Go. Or Not.

Does the path to success require a new ZIP code? Three creative leaders weigh in on the pros and cons of moving away, moving around, and staying rooted. Plus, we’ll get the perspective of Periscope’s Creative Resource Manager on how she evaluates job candidates regardless of zip code.

Panel speakers include:

Allison Hayes, Carmichael Lynch

Courtney Vincent, PMH

Beth Kinney, JT Mega

Kathy Umland, Periscope

Event topic conceived by and moderated by Hannah Botsford, Idee Udo, and Kelli Theiler of Roundpeg Consulting.

Special thanks to Periscope for hosting the event.

Event design by Jen Neis.


Welcome, drinks / 5:30-6:15PM

Panel / 6:15-7:15PM

Networking / 7:15-8:00PM

Tuesday, September 25th

5:30PM at Periscope

921 Washington Ave S


SheSays Mpls events are FREE. Tickets are limited.


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