March 28: Dr Evil’s Guide to Marketing & Selling

Is marketing evil?

It is possible to sell without manipulating our audience or distorting the truth? Because let’s be honest, most of us want to succeed at promoting a business and driving sales, but we also want to feel good about how we’re doing it.

That’s why we’re so excited to have Rainmaker Digital’s (formerly Copyblogger) chief content officer, Sonia Simone, share her insights about why we so often use “marketing” as a synonym for “lying.” She’ll talk about some of the cornerstone elements of persuasion… all with a tongue-in-cheek evil twist (*not really evil*).

Sonia has a lot to share. As a prolific writer and podcast “The Pink-Haired Marketer,” she is a founding partner of Copyblogger (now Rainmaker Digital) and the chief content officer. We LOVE her Dr. Evil take on smart marketing! It’s loaded with truly smart persuasion techniques and laughs.

In this talk, Sonia will cover:

  • Why good people so often get hung up on selling and marketing
  • Marketing myths and how to spot them
  • Some of the cornerstones of persuasive copywriting (you can decide for yourself whether they qualify as evil)
  • How having higher standards (also known as putting the work in) can give you an “unfair advantage”

About Our Speaker

Sonia Simone is a writer, marketer, and teacher. She was a founding partner of Rainmaker Digital when it formed (as Copyblogger Media) in 2010. She’s now the company’s chief content officer and executive publisher of the Copyblogger blogas well as host of the Copyblogger FM podcast.

Sonia also creates content for her personal blog, Remarkable Communication, where she teaches creative writing for content professionals.

Sonia spent a lot of years in traditional marketing, both in startups and established companies. She’s also been on social media basically forever (she first got online in 1989), and as the content marketing revolution steams ahead, it turns out her once “weird” ideas are becoming more and more mainstream.

Sonia believes that marketing is, very simply, the sum total of what you communicate to your customers—both in words and actions. She also believes the audience is the source of all good things in business, and that’s the approach she teaches her audience and students.



MARCH 28th  |  6-8pm





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