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Chicago: Making good: turning social change into your career


Are you passionate about earning a living while solving the world's toughest problems? You can fulfill your dream of making a difference -- and get paid for doing so! On Wednesday, July 15, SheSays Chicago invites you to meet three panelists who use their skills to help companies and organizations in the social sector make positive impacts on the world, in their neighborhoods and beyond. You'll learn how to bridge the gap between the serious challenges this type of business presents and how to surmount those without giving away work for free.


Join us at Greater Good Studio in Logan Square to start #MakingGood. Our limited tickets are free, and will be available at 10am on July 8th.


Interested in participating? We are looking for a sponsor to donate food and drink for the event. Contact Jen Lemerand for details! A panel seat is available if appropriate.

Networking starts at 6:00pm. The panel starts at 6:30pm.

Click Here for Tickets to the Event.


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