Infobesity: how to check your status and decode your information diet

Are you overeating information? Are you drowning in a constant stream of more information? Does excessive information make it difficult to think clearly or creatively? Or make decisions? You might be suffering from Infobesity. 

The technological revolution of the past couple of centuries, followed by the digital explosion of the past couple of decades, has produced more information than all of previous human history combined. In fact, the amount of information and data produced even daily is at orders of magnitude incomprehensible to our brains (hint: it’s quintillions). Today’s rapid access to information through a myriad of channels has made things infinitely more overwhelming. We are both bombarded and addicted to it. 

Another problem with overwhelming quantity of information? Quality. We consume copious amounts of information and just like with junk food, junk information and overload can make us sick. 

So what does a healthy Information Diet look like and how does one go about establishing it? Inspired by Mental Health Awareness Month, join us on Thursday, May 13th starting at 12pm EDT for a thought-provoking and interactive discussion with Lilyana (Lily) Zagorcheva, PhD. While exploring the importance of a healthy Information Diet, we’ll learn about: 

  • Why it matters regarding the What, How, and How Much information we consume
  • What an Information Diet is and its effect on our health, productivity, and performance
  • Information Diet vs. Digital Detox
  • Infobesity and the Information Pyramid – not all information is created equal
  • How to decode and create your own information diet that fits you and your needs
  • Practical tips and tools – and a workbook – for a healthy Information Diet

Reserve your spot today! To make this engaging, take the Info Diet Questionnaire in advance and check if you might be suffering from an information overload.

Lily Zagorcheva, PhD, is Co-founder and Managing Partner of InfoGraffiti, a visual impact studio and communications consultancy based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Lily has a passion for visual communication and throughout her career has been responsible for visual projects across major global brands for a number of Fortune 500 companies. At InfoGraffiti, she leads a team of data analysts and visual artists. Together, they specialize in bringing clarity to complexity through science, art, and data-driven visuals – with an extra focus on emotion and impactful storytelling that truly make audiences understand, engage, and act.

Prior to co-founding InfoGraffiti, Lily spent many years in international corporate communications, public affairs, and brand positioning. In addition to her marketing communications practice, Lily is also a researcher and a thought leader in the information management and information diet field. She holds a PhD in Communication and Information Science.

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