New York

#GirlBoss vs #BabyBoss

Not so fun fact: men’s salaries increase 6% for every child they have, while women’s salaries decrease 4% for every child.

On August 16th, our New York group invites you to have  have a very real discussion on whether having a child means career suicide. But fear not, the panel won’t be focused on moaning about the status-quo, instead it’ll focus on practical outcomes and actions women should bring back to the workplace.

In addition to that, we’ll trial a new format where the panelists debate with the audience though a platform called evote.

So, if you’re already a mother or thinking about having kids, RSVP on EventBrite and come to the FREE event to make you the boss: the boss of your career and the boss of your baby – well, the latter is TBD.

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