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LOS ANGELES: Design your own path


We all wonder, how do I get there? We often talk about the final destination but this evening we want to focus on the path to get there and how you should take the design of it in your own hands.

On October 26th, SheSays LA together with Huge invites you to a hands-on discussion on how to ‘Design your own path’. Our speakers will talk about their personal experiences and will share tips & tricks to help you craft what best suits your personality and your objectives.

We’ll discuss why design is important for both creative and non creative roles, why your path should be made of a combination of functional and emotional decisions and how to follow your passion.



Kate Watts, President, Huge

Jenna Habayeb, Chief Marketing Officer, 7 For All Mankind

Maitê Rodrigues de Albuquerque, Creative Director, Mother LA

Luz Plaza, Content Strategist & Founder of the Frank Newsletter

Timaj Sukker, Director of Business Development, Jaunt


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