Covid Culture

In times of change, we have to be able to pivot and adapt in order to move forward. As it became clear that COVID wasn’t “going away anytime soon,” figuring out how to stay connected and be creative was top of mind for many folks, especially in creative industries.

Our panel will dig into what creativity and connectivity looks like for them today and we’ll talk through some of the hurdles. How do you reframe when everything changes? How do you connect when connection is lost? How do we have tough conversations that need to be had? These ladies have a mix of experience, including but not limited to starting a company from scratch, becoming a DJ and branding an excuse to travel the world. We’re excited to dig in.

WHEN: Weds, July 15 at 5:30pm EST

WHERE: Zoom, video link will be shared day of event

Panelist info & RSVP here

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