Content Creation – Survival of the Fittest?


Welcome to the next event organised by SheSays Stockholm team, in collaboration with Google.

Every day we are exposed to thousands of messages and companies. For marketers the right content is key to reach your audience and stand out in the crowd. But content creation is time consuming and puts pressure on constantly performing on top to be able to engage with our audience. How can we balance the pressure and work efficiently with content creation process?

With all the content that reaches consumers marketing also have a big impact on the society. There is a trend where more and more companies take political stance and communicate their internal values to consumers. What are our responsibility as marketers to make sure that the content that we send out are benefiting our society?

We will tap into these questions with the help of industry experts:

Leslie Maunsbach – Founder, Ur Epic Stories

Canan Yasar – Co-founder Obeya and All of Us

Janneke Wackerberg – Content manager, Kronfågel


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