Change 2.0 with Grace Clapham

“If you don’t like something, either change the way you look at it or change your attitude.” – Grace Clapham

If there’s anyone on earth who’s built a career based on passion, it’s Grace Clapham, so much so that Steve Wozniak & Richard Branson have awarded her the Talent International Asia Pacific Inspirational Leadership award.

SheSays Singapore, TedXWomen, Creative Mornings Singapore, The Change School – she’s there and she wants to help people find their passions, push their limits and find their inspiration.

This session is about change and doing what you do, to build a career based on passion. If you’re in Singapore, come on down!

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About Grace Clapham

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Grace has lived in Asia for nearly 20 years and spent the majority of her primary and high school years in Singapore before moving to live in South America, Australia, London and New York.

A graduate from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts, Media & Communications, she has a passion for inspiring young entrepreneurs and individuals to take action and make a change, no matter how big or small the action is. Grace is a highly creative individual bringing a unique set of talents and connections across Asia Pacific.

Through Agent Grace she is consulting and advising on a variety of SME’s and startups within different sectors in Singapore and the region on all aspects of business – business strategy (including strategic partnerships), development, branding, marketing and public relations management.

In addition she has built eco-systems across Singapore supporting and enabling creative entrepreneurs/professionals, as well as aspiring and current women entrepreneurs through CreativeMornings SingaporeSheSays Singapore and Secret {W} Business. She is always looking to work on initiatives to further the Creative and Entrepreneurial sector across Asia Pacific and hopes to see more top quality talent and better cross-cultural integration & understanding.

More recently Grace founded Change to help changemakers realize their ideas and passions through one month programmes in Bali. At the same time Grace Co-founded [RE]-Treats Asia, a retreat programme for women who want to get away and change habits at the same time.

Specialties: Social Entrepreneurship, Cross-Cultural Communications, Personal Branding, Idea Generation and Innovation, Collaborative Management, Marketing and Brand Management, Community Building, Market Entry, Strategy, Event & Conference concept & planning.

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