Beautiful Data – The Art & Power of Information Design

We don’t know about you, but we can completely geek out on data that has been made beautiful. There’s a science and art to turning information into easy to digest visuals that pack a punch.

Whether it’s big data or small, this meetup will teach you some key tricks of data design. Diana Pfeil and Jennifer Zawacki (also of Analyze Boulder and wicked smart, fun ladies) share how to turn numbers into beautiful and effective visualizations that can illustrate points to any audience – your boss, clients, or colleagues. You’ll learn about the principles of data visualization, why pie charts are passé, and why sparklines are so hot right now.

There’ll be plenty of examples on various topics, including TV shows, college tuition, swear words, drugs, and cute animals.  We’ll even do some extreme data makeovers!



@Galvanize Boulder – (make sure you RSVP)
6:00-7:00 Mingling, Food & Drinks
7:00-8:00’ish Presentation and Q&A




Jennifer Zawacki is a freelance business analyst who turns data into information for decision-makers with clear, concise reports and dashboards. Armed with a beloved yet impractical degree in Classics from Syracuse University, Jennifer worked in IT, Finance, and Sales & Marketing at companies like Xerox, Pratt & Whitney, and Houghton Mifflin before tying those varied experiences together to help CEOs, COOs, and department managers with performance tracking and process efficiency across departments. Recent projects involve website analytics as part of Confidence Interval, a local marketing analytics consulting firm, marketing intelligence reporting, and customer segmentation.  Her interest in data visualization stems from a 2007 seminar with famed visual guru Edward Tufte. When not working, Jennifer loves to ski, cook, and travel.

Tweet her: @jennzawacki



Diana Pfeil is a data scientist and long-time data visualization enthusiast. She is currently CTO at Resilient Ops, a startup focused on improving the air travel experience for passengers. Her work there includes developing algorithms that predict flight delay, communicating results to potential customers and investors, as  well as social media and branding strategy. She is also a lecturer at CU Denver’s Business School, and a mom of two little ladies who like to hang out in playgrounds and the Pearl Street mall water fountain.

Her background includes bachelors degrees in math and computer science from UC Berkeley, a PhD in operations research (aka applied math) from MIT, a stint in the machine learning group at (where she built recommendation systems and thought hard about visualizing the content of thousands of books worth of text in interesting ways), and more recently work as an optimization analyst at local software company OptTek Systems.

Tweet her: @dianam



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