A sneak peek into 2020

Join us on December 3rd to get the first glance into 2020 and explore what digital skills marketers need to be future-proof.

Tomorrow is here, and it is more digital than ever. Together with Isobar, SheSays Stockholm invites you to a deep-dive in the digital landscape to map our the most important must-knows for marketers and creatives in 2020 – and how to to master them.

At this event, we will explore:

  • What are the biggest upcoming trends within digital marketing?
  • Why is Marketing Automation growing and how does one start to more effectively communicate on own channels?
  • How can we use data to optimize creative assets and messaging in digital channels?
  • How to effectively utilize personalization in your marketing strategy?

Our panel of amazing speakers:

  • Annika Klang Grumert, Head of Marketing Automation at Isobar Sweden
  • Rebecka Norman, Strategist at iProspect
  • Nicole Kavander, Strategist at Creuna


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