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Within the past few  years website domain building sites have been popping up left and right, as the demand for peoples work online becomes more and more prevalent within the creative world. There are a ton of options out there, however after recently playing around with Squarespace and their newest update, we have come to love what they have to offer.

One of the many appealing aspects of Squarespace is the quality of their themes. Although there are not an endless amount to choose from it is because of this that the ones there are to choose from are extremely detailed and specific. Unlike a lot of the other website domain builders out there, Squarespace offers a diverse range to what kind of website you are looking for. From ECommerce sites, portfolio specific sites, or simply just building a personal blog, it is multi-purpose and user friendly tool to boot. The templates they offer are modern, clean, and professional. You are able to use the trial version for free, however after 14 days of use they do ask you to officially sign up. Their monthly fees are nothing short of affordable: $8 for a personal site, $16 for professional site, and $24 for a official business. In comparison to other website domain builders, this is a total steal.

Squarespace was a start-up launched from the founders dorm room and now is comprised of 500+ employees in NYC. The website offers customer assistance through demo videos, email, and even live chat.  Squarespace is a beautiful and powerful website that can certainly lend your art, your company, or your products a serious helping hand.


App Compatibility: Squarespace can be used on both iPhone and Android.


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