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FreeUp: Launching Spring 2015

FreeUp is an up-and-coming start-up that takes storage to a whole new level. The opening statement on their website, “An empty closet, corner, or shelf can make you extra cash. Simply list your space, set your price, and you're in business” is the perfect description for what they are trying to do. Ever been on a trip, whether for leisure or business and was in a bind for a place to stash your luggage for just a few hours? Sure. Ever wanted to keep some furniture you just can’t let go of but simply do not have the space for? Of course. What about transitional periods where you simply need someone to hold on to some of your most valuable possessions while you sort life’s speedbumps out? Absolutely. This is where FreeUp comes in.This application connects people with extra space to people with items that need space. FreeUp is open for storage through peoples hotel rooms, B&B’s, small businesses, and homes! FreeUp is a free iOS app where “Hosts” simply download and sign up, list their space for “droppers” to peruse, and once storing begins money is made! The whole idea behind FreeUp is on-the-go storage. “Droppers” can download the app and begin their search immediately. FreeUp is a quick and easy solution that saves you time, money, and frustration.  Freeup is located in NYC and comprised of Mark Fallows, Ale Lariu (SheSays), Stefan Feissli, and Elaine Lee. The application will be launching in Spring 2015, so keep your eyes peeled NYC!


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