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In today’s age of technology it is now a common practice for one to purchase goods and services online, and more specifically via their smart phone. However, something that we have yet to see is an app is sole dedication to the exploration, selling, and buying of art.

Artsy, a website that features over 50,000 works of art for online users to peruse and purchase, has launched its first app, compatible with iPhone users only. By partnering with primary museums and art organizations this inventive app allows art lovers and collectors to not only interact and discover currently installed shows and works, but to also invest in original pieces of artwork through just a few taps and swipes. The app grants any user to contact an institution directly, so that there is no middle-party that complicates their transactions. The user simply finds a piece of art they want to buy and they are automatically put into contact with the gallery, museum, or organization that owns said work. The interface simplifies the process of searching for art, as one can look based on subject matter, medium, technique, style, and movement. There is also a “Favorites” category where you can keep track of pieces that intrigue you. Another really impressive feature of the app is the ability for its users to chat with specialist throughout the art world. This can be useful when purchasing art, or simply finding a more obscure piece of art throughout Artsy’s database. The layout of the app is extremely similar to the layout of the website, so if one is already familiar with Artsy as a site, the app will be a walk in the park.

Whether you are a collector or simply visiting a city and looking for exciting things going on, this app is sure to be a favorite! Artsy is free and available for download now.


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