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New York: A report from the 1st DoLectures in the US

Ale Lariu, our co-foudner, had the pleasure to be selected by Bloomberg Business Week to be part of the first ever DoLectures in the US. The event happened over three days at Campovida in Hopland, CA.

The DoLectures are far from being a conference. Speakers talk from the heart, no business cards are exchanged and people see each other on underpants (yes, they all sleep in tepees like this).

Both speakers and attendees have achieved amazing things and have a lot in common: their business ideas or amazing feats come have soul, not just cash flow.

Here’s what Ale has leaned from each speaker about having a business – make of it what you wish – its the DoLectures style:

“Do It because other other people tol you it cannot be done” – Jon – Saracina wines

“Do it to find yourself” – James – Commis and Hawker Fare restaurants

“Do it for others” – Chris – Street Poets Inc.

“Do it with robots” –  Heather – Robot Film Festival

“Do listen” – Pam – founder of Appropriate Response

“Do it yourself” – Shira – Partners Project

“Do it 40 below” – Ann Danniels – Polar explorer

“Do it by copying nature” – Chris – Biomimicry

“Do it because today is the youngest you’ll ever be” – The Buried Life guys

Check out the speaker bios at the DoLectures site.